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Websites and SEO

Get a website built with Responsive Design

  • It will adjust to cell phones, tablets, laptops, computers all seamlessly!

Responsive Website Designs are both mobile friendly and SEO friendly! All important content is shown. Visually and functionally your site adjusts with the best presentation for the device being used, all brands, android, apple, etc... cell phone, laptop, tablet or large screen computers.

Client Websites

Various set ups, from simple sites to extensive content with Seo targeted optimization. Need a website? Need Seo? Get found online!
Click here for links to client's sites: Websites by Robyn Fear
Websites built by Robyn Fear

Search Engine Optimized Websites

Valuable keyword rich domain names ( when available) responsive mobile friendly design, internal and external link structures, added phone links, slide shows, embedded videos, photo galleries, contact forms, social media links, shopping carts, effective keywords and content writing, alt image tags, local Seo, and more!

websites with Seo Mobile optimized websites

Why use SEO?

How a website is built is part of the complex process that helps search engines determine to put your site in top positions above your competitors and on Google page one!

Seo for Page One Search Results

With a strong search engine optimization structure, its possible to get on Google page one for generic search terms, the type of searches potential new clients (who don't know you) might use to find websites offering the service or products you might offer.

Connect Social Media Links, Youtube channels, Google my business and more for better optimization. get found on search engines!

Build your website with Seo in mind.

Web design and web search have come a long way over the years. Depending on your particular business and keywords, your site may be searched more often on mobile devices.

  • Google now requires mobile accessible sites to rank well in searches, and recommends responsive design websites. This is important for your SEO while being both user friendly and search engine accessible. 

Strategic use of keywords, anchor text links, alt image tags, unique content writing and more are all important in building your website and for on site Seo techniques. External links are important too for better Seo results.

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