Design Sites With Seo



AKA Search Engine Optimization

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a mandatory part of your online campaign to get your website to the top of Google and other search engine results. 

Seo for Websites

Why is your site buried for your targeted search terms?
The words that bring new customers, the "generic words people might type in a Google search" to find your kind of business, your service areas, your kind of products... 

GOOGLE needs words, that's what "content writing" is. Especially for new sites with no established history or incoming clicks. Online competition may be fierce depending on your niche. Google is the number one search engine. Building proper link structures and seo on site and off site - both are critical to get in top positions, and get better results.

How your site is built matters! Internal link structures, external links, alt image tags, meta tags, keywords, unique content, media links, and more are needed for successful Seo. To be found online it's important to get your website to the top of search engines.

Can anyone find your site using generic keywords? NOT your name or business name, "general" search terms "related" to your business?

  • Are you on Google page 1? 

  • Do you have to give the direct link or type in the exact URL (domain address) on Google? 

  • With Seo "new" business clients have a much better chance to find your site and call you!